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Some of the most successful and fast-growing companies are driven by Purpose, integrated in everything they do.

Following their lead, business is quickly changing from profit and growth driven, to organizations that feel responsible for all their stakeholders. This includes shareholders and also employees, clients, suppliers, environment and society.

This great and demanding transition asks for powerful leadership and a clear program to grow into the new approach to business.

At the basis of this process is, the reason and goal of the company. In other words finding the Purpose of the organization.

Purpose is not vision or mission, but the reason an organization exists. It states the positive impact the company will make in the lives of people they interact with and the world we live in.

We help you uncover your Purpose. It offers an excellent starting point to develop or raise the bar as a high performance organization. With our implementation programs, we distinguish four stages to become a Purpose led High Performance organization.

  • Proven effects of Purpose led organizations:
  • Purposeful brands grow 2x faster than regular competitors
  • have a high employee engagement of up to 95%
  • have a very high employee retention and are attractive to high potentials
  • Purpose drives innovation
  • have value growth much faster than the market
  • care for all their stakeholders, performing multi bottom line; their shareholders are doing better than the market, they belong to the top employers to work for, their clients are loyal ambassadors, they have partnerships with their key suppliers, are well rooted in society and take care of their environment.

Our Services

Every organization is unique and has its own reason for existence. With the following programs, we help you uncover what your organizational drive and purpose is:

Our four stage Purpose led High Performance development modeltm

We will facilitate you and your company to grow into a Purpose led High Performance Organization. This is not a linear process. All areas mentioned in the graph influence each other. We can assess at any stage where you stand as an organization.

Stage 1: Purpose as a statement
Stage 2: Purpose put to work
Stage 3: Purpose as a culture
Stage 4: Purpose as a movement

Four stage development model of  becoming a successful and fast-growing companies are driven by Purpose

Purpose as a statement

Finding your purpose will spark your organization. The way the purpose is being uncovered defines its impact and the positive effects you can build on it.

Often we combine the Purpose uncovery with establishing the values off the employees and the organization using the Barrett values assesments

Purpose put to work

Purpose will start to work for you when it is authentic. This means starting to live the purpose. Or in other words, fueling the spark.

The following three areas can be ignited with Purpose in separate programs

Each one will benefit from implementing Purpose and has its own approach. In turn, positive effects always spill over to other area’s

Purpose as a culture

Purpose becomes your culture when the different targeted areas are connected.
By building your culture you get an important competitive edge; products and strategy can be copied, culture is complex and unique to any single organization.

Stakeholders such as shareholders, suppliers, partners and clients and employees are also part of your direct sphere of influence. They also get fully included in this stage.
Building true win – win relationships with them will further strengthen your position and results in a Purpose led High Performance Organization.

Purpose as a movement

This stage is reached when the company lives its Purpose in every way and is a truly Purpose led High Performance Organization. You will be actively connecting with and influencing areas outside your organizations regular span of control; such as society and the environment. When this happens, your organization has ignited or has become part of a movement with all tangible benefits that comes with it.

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