About us

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”

– Albert Einstein

Interventive Consultancy

Interventive consultancy shifts your perspective. This widens your options in solving the problem you are running into. Problems often change into opportunities.

We work for companies and organization who know they have a broader responsibility than growth and making profit. Especially companies who already started to do something with a positive impact, we can give more speed and success. As a result they will have a larger impact to do good for all their stakeholders.

Meet the Merchants

Hendrik Jan van Es, Merchant of Meaning

Hendrik Jan van Es

An entrepreneur from the day he finished University majoring in Business economics and a minor in philosophy. From selling the healthy parts of bankrupt companies and valuating them (post doc). To helping companies not go bankrupt and supporting companies on their way to market a product with a positive impact. Finally understanding, it is not only about the technical side and the business case. The largest opportunity is in the development of human beings, how they work together and what they live for.
Founder of Merchants of Meaning and Co-founder of the Dutch chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

+316 5025 5023

Gijs de Beus, Merchant of Meaning

Gijs de Beus

Gijs is strategy friend at Friends & Foes. A creative brand agency that builds story brands for the 21st century. The approach is based on universal story principles. Like the hero in a great story, we believe that brands should have a clear sense of identity. They need this to stand for something and fight against something. Only then will they be most memorable. Only then will they be most meaningful in people’s lives. Gijs has been working on brand purpose since 2008. He works with Merchants of Meaning to help companies define their own brand purpose and to communicate it authentically.

+316 2297 3718

Rens Barnhoorn, Merchant of Meaning

Rens Barnhoorn

A Psychologist by training, Rens dove headfirst into consultancy from the start. Working at Accenture he learned the ins and outs of traditional consultancy and found it was too often only about money. Instead of about the benefits for all people touched by a company (employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and our society). Going on a quest to find his own purpose, he turned down offers of up to 150k to do work his purpose was not aligned to, he became the second Merchant of Meaning. Now truly living his purpose to create consciously lead organizations to impact the world for good.
As Executive Coach and Organizational Psychologist Rens works mostly in our Human Being Management program and our Purposeful Leadership Program.

+316 1297 9224

We will bring in one of our team members when we believe you are better served by someone from our network. For instance to organize a particular training, coaching or whatever is needed to make the development or intervention happen.

Our Purpose
Support as many organziation as possible to start working as Purpose led High Perfomance organizations

This is why
As a company you have power. You influence people’s lives by the products and services you deliver. In how you treat your employees and colleagues on a daily basis. In how you work with your suppliers and the footprint you have on environment and society.

We support companies to become a force for good. Because it is good for your business, your stakeholders and our society.

By becoming a Purpose Led High Performance Organization, the positive effect will be immediate and considerable for all stakeholders.

Since Purpose Led High Performance Organization outperform the competition, they will take over. And they take care of all their stakeholders, this is the way to change the world for good.

Right now less than 5% of companies work in this way. At 15% this way of working cannot be stopped. That is what we are aiming for!

Since Purpose Led High Performance Organizations outperform the competition,
they will take over and thus change the world for the better.