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Hoe glibberig is cultuur voor jou?

De cultuur van organisaties, de bedrijfscultuur, krijgt steeds meer aandacht. En het onderwerp kan behoorlijk storend zijn. Het is zo’n onderwerp dat in de categorie ongrijpbaar valt, moeilijk te meten of in cijfers weer te geven. Er bestaat niet zoiets als “Onze cultuur is met 60% gegroeid”. We willen graag dat dingen getallen, waarden en […]

Aanbevolen boeken

Care to dare – George Kohlrieser /Susan Goldsworthy / Duncan Coombe

For leaders developing their soft skills to achieve hard results. Giving the people the confidence to reach the heights they are really capable of.

Conscious capitalism – John Mackey / Raj Sisodia

The book that coined the expression of ‘Conscious capitalis’. Describing the model of what it takes to become a Conscious Organization. The amazing model that creates only winners. It was an eye opener for me because everybody can be much better off and it is so well implementable.

Energy Leadership – Bruce Schneider

The most concrete vague book as I used to describe it. Great and widely applicable model on how to assess where you stand right now as a human being and how to grow from there. Here also applied in a business

Firms of endearment – Raj Sisodia

Make sure you get the second 2014 edition! Predecessor of Conscious Capitalism and giving the numbers behind the much more successful Conscious Companies. Also showecasing a lot more business cases.

Leaders Eat Last – Simon Sinek

Simons second book goes into the leadership style required in modern organizations. It follows closely how we look at great leaders and leader development. Among others he talks about trust, patience, we versus me and creating true connections. Very interesting if you aspire to be or already are a leader.

Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl

Finding meaning while being part of the Holocaust and a sole survivor of your family in Auschwitz is inspiring. Viktor did just that and thaught us a lot about finding meaning especially in painful and hard circumstances.

The purpose of Capital – Jed Emerson

Going back to the roots of capital and investing. How we can use the huge amounts of capital available, to improve all lives and that money is left on the table when the focus is on returns. The why of capital

Reinventing organizations – Frederic Laloux

Connecting the development of us humans to the complexity and problem solving abilities of organisations. The ultimate form being teal or Holocratic companies where no one is the boss and everybody leads.

Start with why – Simon Sinek

The book Simon wrote after his Ted talk became a viral sensation in organizations. He uses the book to go into depth about why and what the benefits are of formulation why you company exists. In his definition why is not so different from purpose and thus a great read for anyone creating meaning for a company.

True Purpose – Tim Kelley

We all have a lifes Purpose. The art is to uncover it. Tim Kelley shows us all possibilities or at least no less than 12. We tried it and it works amazingly.